Ding dong, Ding dong, Ding dong…


I do…

As he gazed with a loving look

his lips caressed mine.

Two childlike teardrops, like crystal, streamed down my face.


As I looked at my wedding ring;

there was a “Godly” illumination radiating from my hand.


As time elapsed this burning passion turned into an devoted love.


God has blessed us!


During the dawn of the light,

as time drastically slipped away, unexpectedly;

I felt the absence of my mother’s womb and my bed.


I wondered where it all went?

With sorrow in my heart I felt time

had passed without even a notice;

one day I woke up during a sunrise and I was married,

the next day,

It was my 25th. Anniversary


“Darling it’s our 25th. Anniversary already?”

“Yes it’is our Silver Anniversary.

Now we will celebrate our love.

This love that is abundant in; wisdom, honesty,

harmony and deep secret’s.

We will revive the remarkable pleasures of Love.”


“My darling Husband,now I understand;

 as rapid as this exhuberant love was flowing,

destiny could not reach us.”




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